FB GREEN - Milkopia


In 2016, FB Green conceptualized and launched Milkopia, an integrated dairy and juice project in Ethiopia, and partnered with a leading American multinational. The project is set to become one of the largest of its kind in Africa and aims to capitalize on a rapidly growing and urbanizing country boasting a population of more than 95 million with underserved dairy and juice sectors and limited competition.

The project includes three main components spanning over the entire dairy value chain while using part of those same components to produce and market juice, namely:

A center pivot irrigated feed farm that will mainly produce alfalfa, Rhodes grass, and corn silage over a 3,000-hectare site in Afar.

A dairy farm located in Amhara that will host more than 3,200 high-yielding milking cows. 

A processing and packaging factory located in proximity of both the dairy farm and the capital Addis Ababa. The factory will produce the equivalent of more than 70 million liters of long-life UHT and fresh dairy and juice products per year.
The project is currently in the construction phase and is expected to begin operations in 2018.