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FB Negoce is the trading arm that markets and sells the products from the different farming projects, ensuring clients’ best interests.

With an eye on global markets and a focus on the Middle East and Africa, FB Negoce has built a long and successful track record in the trading of soft commodities including barley, wheat, rice, sugar, alfalfa and rhodes grass.

The company’s expertise in sourcing, trading and transporting soft commodities is unrivalled in the region. Following the establishment of a global footprint in barley trading with a market share that exceeded 30%, it is primed to make the most of the continent’s rising food production.


Understand product overall dynamics

Provide a clear view on market dynamics for each target country (main players, quality required, etc.)
Define production and sales strategy in coordination with farm operators


Connect clients to best quality products

Maintain long term relationship with strong costumer base
Negotiate prices, quality and quantities based on defined sales strategy
Handle invoicing mechanism


Ensure logistics/marketing interface

Provide optimal transportation solutions
Build and leverage strong relationships with transport companies
Handle all technical details related to transportation