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FB Operations is the group’s management arm that can operate all types of large scale farming projects thus ensuring the delivery of the best quality products.

FB Operations’ team of agronomists, farm managers and irrigation specialists has decades of agricultural experience covering different irrigation methodologies, farm sizes, geographies and crops. This allows for optimal soil treatment, fertilization, seeding, irrigation and harvesting leading to high quality production.

FB Operations is able to integrate agricultural economics with farm management through optimal cash management, financial reporting, inventory management as well as crop quality adjustment based on market demand and price trends. It further hires senior executives to ensure adequate fulfillment of tasks, based on the standards and qualifications required by the company.

A compelling case to make FB Operations the manager of choice for any large-scale farm.


Recruit best in class management team

Recruit and train operational staff (with strong emphasis on local content)
Develop and implement required systems and processes (IT, accounting production, etc.)
Perform quality controls and secure quality certifications


Manage production to ensure highest yield and highest quality products

Monitor and control crop growth stages, and insect infestation
Ensure optimal adjustment of farm equipment at field
Manage and train farm operators to implement efficient practices
Handle thorough planning of activities (irrigation, harvesting, baling, etc.) and daily shiftsEnsure best work and living experience for personnel on the farm