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Senior Mechanical Design Engineer
  • Implement and suggest improvements to the Technical Support and Design policies and procedures
  • Coordinate with the Technical Assessment and Support team on the engineering capabilities to fulfill agricultural requirements
  • Assist in drafting detailed bill of quantities and budget based on construction requirements
  • Draft feasibility studies for engineering design based on research and land analysis
  • Provide input and recommendations for projects during the design phase
  • Perform complicated research and technical studies utilizing analysis and design software such as AutoCAD, SAP 2000 v16, GESTAR 2010 and others
  • Coordinate activities on the project between different disciplines teams (i.e. civil, mechanical, hydraulic, electrical and architectural)
  • Process collected information into software packages in order to develop design blueprints and engineering technical reports
  • Allocate the design projects to senior site/planning engineers for the purpose of shop drawings development based on internationally recognized standards, specifications and design requirements
  • Coordinate with Project Management in order to implement modifications to the shop drawings
  • Approve shop drawings for implementation and construction
  • Develop tender documents
  • Assist in the selection of contractors, based on material, equipment and labor requirements
  • Supervise the work of contractors and site engineers to ensure that project execution is in according to the set plan
  • Monitor project progress on a regular bases and attend Site meetings, if required
  • Supervise execution in coordination with Project Management
  • Review and analyze the farm master plan in coordination with architectural division and determine mechanical systems requirements for all sites and facilities
  • Review mechanical designs related to storage tanks, steel works and fabrications, heating, ventilation and air conditioning design, fuel, air and water connections design, etc.
  • Prepare engineering design analysis in accordance with internationally recognized standards, specification and design requirements
  • Perform energy/cost analysis in order to maximize operational efficiency
  • Develop a comprehensive list of materials and tools for implementation use
  • Follow up on shop drawings for all designs
  • Review, comment and recommend acceptance or rejection of shop drawings
  • Develop construction site safety plans (OHSAS) and ensure implementation

•          Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering or equivalent

•          A minimum of 4 years of relevant experience with at least 1 years in a similar role

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