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Senior Agricultural Engineer
  • Implement and suggest improvements to the Technical Support and Design policies and procedures
  • Draft feasibility studies to identify crop production estimates based on the research and analysis outcomes
  • Coordinate with the Design and Engineering team for crop water needs, growing season and crop rotation schedules
  • Draft detailed crops production cycles reports pertaining machinery and staff requirements, diseases, pests, fertilization programs, costs, etc.
  • Assist in developing detailed studies and/or experimental plots in order to select the best crops/varieties at each specific farm location
  • Process collected information into software packages such as AutoCAD or ArcGIS and others in order to develop detailed maps and prepare reports
  • Obtain and analyze satellite images for crop monitoring and the production of vegetation indices
  • Provide input for the development of fertilization programs based on soil and plant tissue analysis
  • Assist in drafting bill of quantities and budget based on agricultural requirements
  • Supervise the work of contractors and Engineers to ensure that project execution is according to the set plan
  • Report on issues that arise during the implementation phase
  • Assist in developing fertilization programs based on test analysis to identify ideal mixture and rates for crop production
  • Coordinate with Procurement for the selection of the right suppliers to purchase agricultural materials


  • Review and comment on field and/or laboratory examinations, descriptions, classification and mapping of soils for the purpose of land development
  • Develop land management plans for agricultural purposes
  • Analyze soil laboratory analysis reports and provide recommendations for better crop management
  • Develop soil maps using Agricultural software for the purpose of analysis
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Agricultural Engineering or equivalent
  • Master’s Degree in Soil Science is a plus 
  • A minimum of 4 years of relevant experience with at least 1 years in a similar role
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